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Distributors FAQ

Solvo UK Dental Implants is one of the leaders in dental implant products. We have an array of unique products, including those that can be implemented immediately following extraction as well as with flapless procedures. We take the time to understand the industry and develop products for dentists that will be loved by their patients.

We are different from our competitors because we create dental products for dentists that have been created by dentists. This means that every aspect of our dental implants and the corresponding surgical tools are designed to target specific problems and work within various environments. We have a large research and development team where we are on the cutting edge of technology. Our SATURN implant is proof of this as it allows dentists to load immediately upon extraction. We have created new products that have not yet been seen by the dental industry and we have countless new patents pending for products that are being produced.

Our product range is significant. We offer dental products for prosthetics, dental implants, dental implant surgical tools, dental surgical kits and more. Our products are designed for all ages. We offer mini implants as well as full-sized ones to accommodate an array of patients as well as products that reduce stress distribution and increase initial stability.

We are an industry leader due to our research and development. Our team consists of leaders around the globe that have been involved in the practical application of prosthodontics as well as maxillofacial surgery as well as in the academic side of dentistry. This allows us to take a unique approach to the industry and ensure that needs are being met from all angles.

We maintain strict regulations according to international standards. We comply with an array of ISO standards and continuously provide reports to the governing bodies to show that we are in compliance with our equipment as well as within our manufacturing facility to ensure that there are no flaws with the equipment and products that are created. Additionally, we adhere to constant inspections and have an impressive quality control department in place.

Yes! All of our products have a basic guarantee to ensure that the life is maintained. Dentists will provide in-depth details about the guarantees when they are being installed to patients, as well.