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Company Profile

Solvo UK Dental Implants is a company that shows good standing in the International Dental Implants market when it comes to the distribution of innovative and affordable dental implants. Our company aims to offer dental implants of the highest quality at all times. Our products are all supported by creative R&D team, and our fruitful collaboration with universities and large medical centers allows us to continuously conduct research in order to keep the title of the most innovative company in the field of dental implantology. Solvo UK Dental implants has patented innovations in all of its latest accomplishments and promotions. High-tech facilities in the production areas allow us to keep innovating and accomplish the most impressing results in the field of modern implantology industry.

Here at Solvo UK Dental Implants, dental surgeons invent for dental surgeons. All our products overgo a thorough quality control process that makes our company distinguishable in the highly competitive modern dental implants market.

The integration of an anti-rotational locking element in our dental implants has become one of the most compelling and successful innovations to date. The new invention increases the primary stability level of all Solvo UK implants. This accomplishment symbolizes our constant desire to continue to be one of the leading providers of innovative dental implants worldwide.

The introduction of anti-rotational locking element is just an example of our numerous innovations that are constantly integrated in our production process in order to make us one of the companies that establish the future of implant dentistry.

Solvo UK Dental Implants has never failed in meeting the highest standards when it comes to the production and distribution of affordable dental implants and innovative associated products for dental implantology procedures.